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  • Dave Rowlands

One night only with BTU

So after a 12 year hiatus and 3 months waiting for the date, Bigger Than Us finally played again on stage.

What a fantastic night! Not only did we raise money for Cancer Research UK and The Teenage Cancer Trust but we played a storming couple of hours.

I have been very fortunate to play at some amazing venues and with some fantastic musicians over the last 10 years but I have to say that this gig has been one of my favourites and one of the most enjoyable for a long time.

Although we were probably a little rusty around the edges it felt so natural and easy being on stage with the guys. I have been told quite a few times that I always looks serious when I play but I couldn’t stop smiling every time I looked at either Steve, Chris or Marc. Like I say a lot of fun with zero pressure!

Quite a few people said that they think we should make it a regular thing, maybe every year? We all felt the same about the gig so who knows what will happen. I would definitely be up for another gig playing with three of my best mates.

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