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  • Dave Rowlands

A week in New York, yes please!

Got back from New York last night, what a week that was. We played 4 gigs, three in Lower East Side and one in Brooklyn and to top it all off we met a film maker from Connecticut on Monday and ended up shooting a video in the middle of Times Square on Friday!!! What a feeling standing in Times Square, in the middle of thousands of people shooting a video.

What a place, I absolutely loved it. It definately lived up to my expectations and I will be going back hopefully sooner rather than later. We did cram a lot into the week and there is still loads more to see and do. The people we met were really friendly and it was great just to be there. Went to Times Square (obviously) Central Park, Strawberry Fields, The Dakota Building (where John Lennon was shot & Yoko still lives), saw what's left of CBGB's (a sad site), went up the Rockafeller building (amazing view of the whole of NYC), Ground Zero (can't believe how big the area was), ate Gray's Papaya hotdogs (fantastic), hailed a NY cab :), Grand Central Station, Trump Tower, Bloomingdales, Katz diner (Meg Ryan orgasim scene) and the Lower East Side. The Lower East Side isn't that far from the centre of Manhatten but has a different feel completely. It has a load of cool places and has apartments how I imagined them, very friends-like, a block with a shop or cafe underneath. Met Skull, a London born tattooist now based at Fineline Tattoo in LES, had a few drinks with him. A really nice guy and he was a pro-drummer when he lived in London and a bonus, he said he will sell me his old vintage Rogers kit that is still at his mom's house in London. We also went to see some live Jazz at the Lincoln Centre by Central Park just up the road from where we were staying. The musicians were fantastic, a quintet followed by a duo. The venue was really cool with large glass windows all along the one wall which provided the most amazing backdrop behind the musicians. Great music, fantastic musicians and an amazing view of Manhatten at night!! Overall a week I will never forget, I will go back!

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