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Remote Sessions


I am now offering remote drum sessions from my own studio.


Sessions have always taken place, usually within a conventional studio with a sound engineer and a session musician. Having to hire such a studio and personnel can be expensive. Especially when the initial couple of hours are taken up with setting up the drums, positioning the mics, sound-checking the drums, setting up the click track and then setting up the session tracks. So the artist has already paid for this time without a note being played.


However with the advance in technology, studio quality recording equipment is now more affordable and available to most musicians. This is great for the guitarist or singer as these tracks can be recorded at home, but there is still the problem of recording drums.


The drums and mics are already set up in the studio and ready to go, all that needs to be done is to prepare the tracks. This saving in time is already saving the artist money and as there are no other overheads such as renting the studio and paying for a sound engineer the overall cost of the recording to the artist is more affordable.


So how does the session work?


Step one


Contact me either by email, phone or Zoom to discuss your project and your requirements


Step two


Send me your track with either no drums or midi drums to be replaced/replicated


Step three


Drums are then recorded to your track and a demo is emailed back to you


Step four


The track is reviewed and we can discuss any changes via email, phone or Zoom, 2 alterations are included in the price.


Step five


After full payment is received the completed drum track is sent to you in your preferred format.



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