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  • Dave Rowlands

My debut BV gig

Well that went well!

My first gig with the Billy Vincent boys and what a great night it was.

I was a bit apprehensive all day with thoughts about the sound.

I spent a couple of hours tuning my kit as I decided to use my Yamaha RTC as it has a few battle scars and I didn’t mind the other bands using it.

I hadn’t gigged with it before and wasn’t 100% happy with the tuning but its true you can never tell until you get to the venue.

Once set up and with a little tinkering and finally through the PA it sounded awesome, it did help that we had a decent sound guy.

Our set went really well and everybody I spoke to in the audience thought we were great and sounded really tight. Definitely an encouraging thing to hear before we go into the studio to record the next album.

Can’t wait for the next gig!!

In the meantime check out

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