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  • Dave Rowlands

Moseley Folk Festival with Daniel Rachel

Had a great weekend at the Moseley Folk Festival this weekend just gone. I was playing with Daniel Rachel both days. It was fun to play and were given a great reception by the crowd.

Some of the music wasn't my cup of tea at all but it was great to see and meet both John Power (The La's/Cast) and Simon Fowler (Ocean Colour Scene).

John has changed quite a bit since the Cast days and was playing real folk so was a bit dissapointing. Simon however played some classic OCS tunes finishing with 'The Day We Caught The Train' also dropping a bit of Amy Winehouse's Rehab into it (taking the piss, he said that he had done the same at the V festival as she had pulled out to go into rehab! hahaha)

Saw Kate Rusby play and had a nice chat with her multi-talented violinist/guitarist John McCusker. They seem like really nice people and the band sounded great .

Also met BBC radio DJ Janice Long and the legendary (in the folk circles) Rory McLeod.

One band I really enjoyed were 'Nizlopi' from Lemington Spa. I didn't realise that they were the band that wrote the Christmas no 1 song 'The JCB song'.

There are only two of them with Luke the guitarist singing and playing acoustic and John playing double bass and beat-boxing!!! Loved there new track 'Last Night in Dakar' which is so far un-recorded. They are playing London soon, looking forward to seeing them again. Check them out!!!!!

So all in all, a great unexpected weekend.

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