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Here are some videos of current and previous projects

Monday 2nd August 2021


I was fortunate to be asked to feature in the Premier League campaign for Ladbrokes.

It was great fun to do and is active for this season on TV and billboards. Keep an eye out for them.

Below are two videos, the first one is 'Hold' which is to build the tension during the week leading up to the weekend when the second video 'Release' see us let loose!

Thursday 27th May 2021.

I was one of 160 drummers to be used in the new Ladbrokes advert for use during Euro 2020.

It was great fun and I managed to catch up with some friends who were also on the shoot even if it was windy, cold and wet at times.

I am in the shot on the rooftop but blink and you miss me.

Tuesday 20th October 2020


This year I was meant to be playing in the band for Mayhem Theatre Company's production of Legally Blonde. However due to the COVID19 lockdown unfortunately this was postponed twice so I pitched the idea to the musical director Jon about trying to do a lockdown performance video of one of the tracks to use as promotion.


After a lot of work we pulled it off!! Everything was recorded and filmed at individual's homes, I mixed the audio and produced the band video with one of the guys in the cast doing the cast video.


Below are two videos, one is the full promo video with the band and cast and the other is a band only video I did to fully show off the band.

Friday 5th June 2020


During COVID19 lockdown Tom's whole band got together online and recorded a lockdown video of John Mayer's track 'Waiting on the World to change'


We had fun, hope you like it!

Sunday 24th May 2020


Even though we were over 100 miles apart during the COVID19 lockdown, myself and Tom recorded this video covering 'Babylon' by David Gray. Although we have a connection to David through a mutual friend we thought this would be a cool track to cover.


Saturday 23rd November 2019


Here are a few live videos of UK Guns, Guns N' Roses tribute band


Filmed at the American Music Festival, London UK, on Saturday 6th July and The Carlisle, Hastings on Saturday 23rd November, 2019.


The tracks are Sweet Child O' Mine, You Could Be Mine, Rocket Queen, Nightrain, Used To Love Her & Chinese Democracy.

Saturday 1st December 2018


For the second year in a row I played the annual end of year gig with Guy Jones and what fun it was. This year it was Guy, myself and keys player Alex Condliffe with Dean Roberts special guesting on this track. It was such a good atmosphere and a great way to end the year.

We also had support from April Jai who was awesome.


Saturday 31st March 2018


Here are video’s from the live session I recently recorded with singer songwriter Tom Bertram.


We recorded three of Tom’s original tracks and one cover.


The tracks are World At My Feet, Mr Lucky, Tonight Don’t Leave Me On My Own and  Slow Hands by Niall Horan.

Wednesday 22nd February 2017


1 song - 2 cities


Here is a video of myself and Guy Jones playing the track 'Last Request' by Paulo Nutini recorded in Birmingham and London.


Sunday 12th February 2017


Here are videos of me playing along with acoustic versions of some of Guy Jones' tracks. It was quite a challange as it wasn't to click and I was having to 'play along' with Guy which is definitely harder than when you're in the same room.

Saturday 12th November 2016


Here are video’s of me playing along to tracks from Guy Jones' debut album 'Kicking Stones'



I think it's a brilliant album, Guy writes great songs and am hoping to be touring with Guy later in the year.

Saturday 30th April 2016


Here is the music video I played in for London based singer songwriter Amrit Ghatore for his track “Never Saw it Coming.

Saturday 8th August 2015


Here are some videos taken from London Soul’s gig at Trentham Gardens, Staffordshire as part of their summer sessions.


The tracks are Signed Sealed Delivered, Carwash, Knock On Wood & Uptown Funk

Saturday 5th July 2015


Here are the video’s from Billy Vincent ‘The Pentire Session’  which was recorded at David’s house in South West London.

All four tracks are from the album ‘Stand On Me’ which was released today on Deepdive records.


The tracks are Loveless Man, Black Suits & Dresses, Learning To Drink & Everybody Else

Saturday 5th July 2015


Here is the promo video for the track ‘Black Suits & Dresses’ which was filmed during the recording sessions for the album ‘Stand On Me’  at Reservoir Studios in North London.

Saturday 14th June 2014


After 8 years of working at the Forest Tour I finally made it to the stage. Here are two videos from the gig. ‘Across My Street’ & ‘Sleep When You’re Dead’, which are both from the new album we are currently recording.

Friday 6th June 2014


I have just received an email asking if the ‘Spaghetti Anywhere’ track can be used for a cooking video.


Apparently this isn’t the first time one of the bands tracks have been used for a cooking video. Must be the spaghetti reference.

Sunday 30th March 2014


Here are some videos taken from a recent London Soul gig, they are from a camera focused on me.


The tracks are Best of My Love, Play that Funky Music, Respect, Streetlife, Hard to Handle & Signed Sealed Delivered

Saturday 18th January 2014


Here is the official video for ‘Dead Man’s Shoes’ By Billy Vincent.


This is one of my favourite tracks off the album ‘She’ and am really looking forward to playing this track live with the guys

Saturday 18th January 2014


This is the official video for ‘And It Fights’ by Billy Vincent also from the debut album ‘She’


This has  great shuffle feel to it, it will be nice to play a good shuffle again!!

Saturday 18th January 2014


This is the official video for ‘Bottle Top’ by Billy Vincent also from the debut album ‘She’

Sunday 28th July 2013


Here is a video of Pig Earth playing Paint The Town Red at the Village Pump festival 2013.


Although we have played a few festivals in 2013 this was one of the most fun.

Friday 6th June 2014


Here are a few videos of Pig Earth live at Americana International festival 2013.


The tracks are Big American Cars, Cherry Blossom, Everything & The Flower Fields of Lauzan.


I found them on youtube and were recorded by a crowd member, I'm glad he enjoyed it

Saturday 25th May 2013


Here is a video of our performance at the opening ceremony of The Champions League Final 2013 at Wembley Stadium.


It’s a shame ITV chose to show the pundits pre game rather than this, luckily foreign TV made the right choice.


What an amazing experience!!

Sunday 7th April 2013


This is a drum cam of me at Eastcote studios, London recording Angelina by Pig Earth. The track is still to be mixed and mastered and will be released on the next album in 2014.

Wednesday 23rd January 2013


Here is the video of us playing at the start of the National TV Awards at the O2 Arena and live on ITV1.


What an amazing experience and a truly memorable night at the after show party.


I hope I get to do something like this again!!

Saturday 1st September 2012


So here it is, the video for ‘Underrated’ the new single by The Ghosts which was filmed a few months ago at Hackney Town Hall.


The video is set in the 1950’s with Alex the singer playing an inventor of a TV that can show the future.


I played one of the board members of the company he is pitching his idea too.


It was a great day talking part in this, I met some nice people and am glad with the result. I think the video is great and love the single.


See what you think!!

Tuesday 24th April 2012


This is James Deane’s track ‘Seventeen’ recorded live by Droptune media at Press Play Studio.


I really like this track and although the album version only has a simple drum part I’m looking forward to playing this live.

Friday 16th March 2012


Pig Earth - Live at the BBC!


We were invited by Sue Marchant to be guests on her evening show on BBC Radio Cambridge.


Along with an interview Sue played the tracks ‘Lately’ & ‘Here with You’ from our debut release 14‘ x 12’.


We also played ‘Paint the Town Red’ live which is on the video, hope you enjoy it!!

Sunday 26th February 2012


Here are some videos of Pig Earth from our gig at Wembley Arena.


The set was:


- Smoke and mirrors

  • -Paint the town red

  • -1800 miles

  • -Big American cars


Unfortunately I don’t have the audio feed from the desk so this is just from the mic on the camera.


Even so I thought it was great to watch it back!


Hope you enjoy!

Sunday 5th February 2012


Here is Pig Earth's track 1800 Miles live at The Southern Country Magazine Awards show at Lakeside.


I found them it on youtube and was recorded by a crowd member, I'm glad he enjoyed it.

Thursday 8th December 2011


This is the official promo video for ‘Sleep Around’ by Spaghetti Anywhere.


We recorded the drums at my studio and the rest of the track was recorded at Valerio’s.


The video was made by Josh Wroe who also made a video for the track  ‘Incredible Hulk’

Tuesday 15th November 2011


Lewis recorded this video to showcase Beryl guitars with whom he has just got an endorsement deal.


He is playing along to one of my as of yet unreleased tracks from the forthcoming album ‘Projekt’


Along with Lewis on guitar, I have David Labruyere on bass.


I will be recording vocals soon and hopefully will be on iTunes very soon!!

Sunday 23rd October 2011


Just over a month ago I found out that Pig Earth was nominated for a British Country Music Award in the category ‘Horizon Act of The Year 2011’


To great surprise to us all we actually won!!


Here is the video for the nominees and winners, skip to 3:22 to see our category

Sunday 10th July 2011


Here are a couple of videos of Pig Earth live at Americana International festival 2011.


The tracks are Here WIth You & Cherry Blossom.


I found them on youtube and were recorded by a crowd member, I'm glad he enjoyed it

Wednesday 8th June 2011


‘Inevitable’ by Sean Redmond used on Hollyoaks!


I think this will probably be the only way I’ll ever be on Hollyoaks hahaha!!!!


If you fast forward the video to 9 minutes 34 seconds you’ll hear ‘Inevitable’ on the girls stereo and she likes it that much she has it up loud....yeah!!!


We recorded the track for his debut album ‘It was obviously wrong from the start’ which is available from itunes


For more info about Sean, news and releases visit

Friday May 28th 2010


Some fantastic news, Sean’s track Shooting Stars’ has been chosen for the internet advert for the new Apple iPad.


It is an amazing news as Apple is renown for it’s products and the iPad has been the years most eagerly awaited new product

Monday 15th February 2010


This is the promo video for ‘The flowers that grew in my heart’ by Sean Redmond.


We recorded the track at Press Play studios in London and is taken from Sean’s debut album ‘It was obviously wrong from the start’ due for release May 2010.


The video was animated by Ben Galinsky.

Tuesday 1st December 2009


Here is the promo video for the track ‘Worthless’ by Hashell.


The video was filmed over 2 days in a hotel and outside in woodland near Guildford, Surrey.


On the forest shoot we did about 40 takes so were tired by the end of the day but it was great fun even if we did feel like idiots for the first few takes as we were miming.


The video has been played in Virgin Active gyms, Toni & Guy, House of Fraser, Footlocker, Burton, Hollywood Bowl, KLM & Thompson flights, Skyline IFE (Emirates & Lufthansa airlines), Stars TV (Sky 371), Pitcher & Piano, Walkabout, Oceana, Screen Media & Music Choice.


The track ‘Worthless’ is taken from the debut mini album ‘Worthless, available from HMV, Amazon & itunes

Saturday 10th October 2009


A behind the scenes look at the production of Hashell’s promo video for the track ‘Worthless’. Shot on location in Surrey, England.


Directed and edited by Paul Lewzey.


The mini album ‘Worthless’ which includes the track will be available online and instores early 2010.

Friday 18th June 2010


Here is a video of Pig Earth's cover of 'Whiskey in the Jar' filmed live at The Compass Theatre.

Saturday 14th February 2009


Here is the promo video for ‘Shooting Stars’ by Sean Redmond.


The track is taken from Sean’s debut album ‘It was obviously wrong from the start’ due for release in May 2010.


Video by Nick Bentley.

Saturday 28th July 2007


A video from my drum cam of the track ‘I Wan’t To Break Free’ during Spotlight Youth Productions version of We Will Rock You.


The whole band loved playing this show!


Queen productions have since used the official Spotlite video and photos to promote We Will Rock You in schools across the USA!!

Saturday 24th June 2006


This is footage that was used on the German TV show ‘Newcomer TV’.


It was recorded in Germany in 2006 whilst I was depping a  tour of Germany for Miss T & The Japanese Tourists where we supported Gary Numan.

Saturday 4th February 2006


Here is a video from a Drinkme gig at Razzmatazz in Barcelona last year.


Great gig with a great audience and a free bar.


The quality isn't the best but check it out, let me know what you think.

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